“Beauty is the eye of the beholder….whoever holds the mighty sword will conquer more than her heart.”

~Benjamin Wright 

“In a world with no sound; her heartbeat goes unheard…”

This is a dark, but yet riveting love story about an attractive woman who finds true love. She has been longing for someone to open her heart. And, sweep her away from the malefic world outside. To be able to feel love unlike she has ever felt. To be able to understand it, when so many these days seem to misunderstand its complexity. And, to appreciate someone who she knows is compatible to her beloved persona. As well, as make her the happiest woman alive.

There is a mysterious man that enters her life. He not only holds the key to her heart and destiny. But also he holds the key to a very different kind of love. Walsh Mckinley is about to make Emerald Davis the happiest woman alive. But not in the sense of love. For he holds her delicate, but yet successful life in his hands. For he also has the power to destroy everything she has believed in all her life. And, he isn’t in her life for the sake of her “power of love”. He’s in it, solely for the sake of giving her something you cannot buy. That is an absolute “love of power”.

This is a very twisted love story that will jar your mind. And, leave a stench in your heart. This is not for the weak of heart. Although, it will tingle your mind, and send jitters down your spine. It is a nail-biting tale of love, unlike you have ever experienced. For this one id for the ages.

Ripped from today’s headlines. This will make you feel all the senses you ever thought about Love. It will make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It will also make you realize…there is truly never been a love story like this. (I can assure you of that.)